The Schooltraq for Mobile Web preview


Today we’re proud to release Schooltraq for Mobile Web, our multi-platform online mobile webapp that will allow users on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and more to view, update, and work with their assignments much more easily. If you’re on your phone, you can find it at It runs in your browser, which means no installation required!

Schooltraq for Mobile Web is our second mobile offering, behind Schooltraq for Android, which you can find on the Google Play store. Like the Android app, our mobile webapp accesses your account exclusively through the Schooltraq API, bringing security and convenience together.

This is just a preview and work in progress, but we wanted to share the exciting new ways to access your account on-the-go first. Right now, you can view, add, edit, and change the status of assignments. Your Dashboard view is similar to the one on the computer, and changes are instantly synced to your account.

What devices does it work on? We’ve tested the app with Chrome on Android devices and Safari on iPhones. Because the app runs on a modified version of jQuery Mobile, it should be compatible with other devices like BlackBerry, WebOS, Windows Phone, and Firefox Mobile. At a minimum, our webapp requires JavaScript support and a touch screen for navigation.

What features will be added? What you see now is a basic working version, with Dashboard and assignment add/edit/status. We’re planning on adding assignment view, and smarter controls so you can mark assignments as complete faster.

What about Schooltraq for iOS? We’re working on sourcing developers for Schooltraq for iOS, but this webapp should function well on your iPhone. You can add Schooltraq for Mobile Web to your home screen easily — here’s how.

Schooltraq for Mobile Web was developed in-house by Kevin Wu, a new team member, and Brandon Wang. Kevin joins us from the Houston, TX, area. He will be focusing on the ongoing development of Schooltraq for Mobile Web.

If you find any problems, we encourage you to report them to Schooltraq Support. We’ve opened a new category, “Schooltraq for Mobile Web”, so please select that category when reporting issues or comments. Thanks!

Thoughts or feedback? Talk to @Schooltraq on Twitter.
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