A new Schooltraq Support, to serve you better


Today, we’re proud to share with you an all-new Schooltraq Support, designed to help you more effectively. After a good run with Tender, our previous support software, we’ve chosen to build our own solution.

The new support center includes an all-new documentation website that provides information you need more concisely and quickly. We’ve included the most popular articles on the main support page, but you can find them all on the documentation site. In addition to the updated design, we’ve rewritten many of the articles so that they’re more clear.

The largest change, however, is the removal of our community forums in lieu of one-to-one email support. With our community forums becoming unwieldy, it was difficult for our users to find previous conversations and contribute to them. The new one-to-one emails reaffirm our commitment to providing fast and reliable support, and we hope you’ll appreciate the changes.

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