A revamp of subscriptions: introducing patronage

Today marks a momentous day for Schooltraq as we transition into a new payments structure. Our new changes are exciting: thanks to our sound financial shape, we’re able to offer free accounts for everybody. We’re also expanding our subscriber program into a new program called “patronage.”

As students ourselves, we were frustrated and hurt that we often turned away students that were not able to afford Schooltraq. We want to offer a quality academic planner to everyone, and now we’re able to. Thanks to the generosity of our users, we can afford to offer free accounts to everybody while asking that those with the means to support us continue to do so.

Schooltraq users like yourself offset our costs and support development by paying for our services. Users who pay a small monthly due are Schooltraq Patrons. They receive special access to new features and, most importantly, our immense gratitude.

The cost of becoming a Patron fluctuates from time-to-time. It’s currently much less than the cost of a coffee each month. Everyone starts out with 30 days of Patron status. If you’re already a Schooltraq subscriber, you don’t have to do anything. More information for our current subscribers

If you’ve been holding off on getting a Schooltraq account because of the cost, now is the time to sign up for an account. If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron. More information on patronage

A new Schooltraq Support, to serve you better


Today, we’re proud to share with you an all-new Schooltraq Support, designed to help you more effectively. After a good run with Tender, our previous support software, we’ve chosen to build our own solution.

The new support center includes an all-new documentation website that provides information you need more concisely and quickly. We’ve included the most popular articles on the main support page, but you can find them all on the documentation site. In addition to the updated design, we’ve rewritten many of the articles so that they’re more clear.

The largest change, however, is the removal of our community forums in lieu of one-to-one email support. With our community forums becoming unwieldy, it was difficult for our users to find previous conversations and contribute to them. The new one-to-one emails reaffirm our commitment to providing fast and reliable support, and we hope you’ll appreciate the changes.

Changes to your Schooltraq are coming

In the next few weeks, we’re proud to launch new changes to Schooltraq that will improve your experience.

In particular, we’ll be changing the way Schooltraq is charged — the new changes make Schooltraq more affordable and represent our goals of offering a quality academic planner for everyone. Don’t worry: existing users won’t lose out.

This past weekend, we also introduced the first stage of our new support center. After transitioning away from our Tender-based support system, we’re now working to develop a new information website and improve our communication with one-to-one email conversations instead of group forum threads.

A smarter look at your courses


Today, we’re proud to release an update to your Dashboard that allows you to take a smarter look at each of your courses. We’ve redesigned the course filter mode on the Dashboard and revamped it to prominently feature information that you need. The focus is in delivering a better, not just prettier, experience.

The new course view still displays your open and completed assignments just like it did before, but we’ve also added a course overview at the top. The course overview shows you the distribution of assignments in that course, from those very overdue (highlighted in red), those due today, and a two-week look ahead.

We’ve also intelligently grouped them into segments and highlighted the weekdays. Hovering your mouse over a day will give you a preview of assignments due that day.

Opening the new course view is easy: just click on “View by course” on the left. When you’re done and want the bigger picture, just click on the course title again. You can also close the course view by clicking the close icon on the course tabs, but keep in mind if you have a lot of courses that the course tabs may be automatically hidden to save space.

The Schooltraq for Mobile Web preview


Today we’re proud to release Schooltraq for Mobile Web, our multi-platform online mobile webapp that will allow users on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and more to view, update, and work with their assignments much more easily. If you’re on your phone, you can find it at m.schooltraq.com. It runs in your browser, which means no installation required!

Schooltraq for Mobile Web is our second mobile offering, behind Schooltraq for Android, which you can find on the Google Play store. Like the Android app, our mobile webapp accesses your account exclusively through the Schooltraq API, bringing security and convenience together.

This is just a preview and work in progress, but we wanted to share the exciting new ways to access your account on-the-go first. Right now, you can view, add, edit, and change the status of assignments. Your Dashboard view is similar to the one on the computer, and changes are instantly synced to your account.

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Password reset systems upgraded

Feature update

We’ve updated the way that Schooltraq’s password reset systems work after receiving reports that multiple reset emails were sent. Remember that older emails are automatically revoked when a new reset is requested; only the latest will work. If you’re still having problems, please contact Schooltraq Support and we’ll help you out.

We’ve upgraded our servers


Today, we took all services (website + API) offline for around 45 minutes to complete a welcomed update. Schooltraq’s new server features more dedicated resources, faster load times, and snappier response overall thanks to the kind folk at MediaTemple.

Change when assignments become due

We’ve released an update that will allow you to choose what time your assignments become due. This feature is available to all users.

By default, Schooltraq will mark your assignments as due when the clock hits midnight in your timezone. Many users, however, choose to work late into the night or even into the morning the next day. If you’re a night owl, your assignments don’t have to suddenly become overdue when you’re in the middle of your work anymore.

You can change when your assignments become due by visiting the Options page when logged in and scrolling down to the time settings area. There, you can change your timezone and set when you want your assignments to become due.

If you set your assignments to become due “at 8:00am the day of”, for example, an assignment that is due Monday won’t show up as overdue until 8:00am has passed on that day.