A more versatile assignment view


You might have used Schooltraq’s assignment view functionality before — you can get to it by clicking on the title of an assignment or selecting “focus mode” from the dropdown menu. It’s a clean page that shows only one assignment, and it’s designed to be simple.

We’ve released a few changes that make this page more versatile:

  • Larger and more visible. We’ve increased the font size of the assignment title and notes, widened the margins, and expanded the width of the page. This way, you can see what you need to do from further away.
  • Darken the background.┬áIncreasing the contrast and erasing any distractions is easy: you can now dim the background through links located at the bottom-right of the box.In particular, there’s a new button that let’s you…
  • One-click to darken and fullscreen. Clicking the “dim & fullscreen” button dims the background and makes Schooltraq fullscreen. It’s much easier to focus without your taskbar or other windows jumping at you.

The simple yet handy timer is still around, as are the controls for manipulating (complete, edit, etc.) the assignment. We hope you’ll like the changes.

A smarter look at your courses


Today, we’re proud to release an update to your Dashboard that allows you to take a smarter look at each of your courses. We’ve redesigned the course filter mode on the Dashboard and revamped it to prominently feature information that you need. The focus is in delivering a better, not just prettier, experience.

The new course view still displays your open and completed assignments just like it did before, but we’ve also added a course overview at the top. The course overview shows you the distribution of assignments in that course, from those very overdue (highlighted in red), those due today, and a two-week look ahead.

We’ve also intelligently grouped them into segments and highlighted the weekdays. Hovering your mouse over a day will give you a preview of assignments due that day.

Opening the new course view is easy: just click on “View by course” on the left. When you’re done and want the bigger picture, just click on the course title again. You can also close the course view by clicking the close icon on the course tabs, but keep in mind if you have a lot of courses that the course tabs may be automatically hidden to save space.

Change when assignments become due

We’ve released an update that will allow you to choose what time your assignments become due. This feature is available to all users.

By default, Schooltraq will mark your assignments as due when the clock hits midnight in your timezone. Many users, however, choose to work late into the night or even into the morning the next day. If you’re a night owl, your assignments don’t have to suddenly become overdue when you’re in the middle of your work anymore.

You can change when your assignments become due by visiting the Options page when logged in and scrolling down to the time settings area. There, you can change your timezone and set when you want your assignments to become due.

If you set your assignments to become due “at 8:00am the day of”, for example, an assignment that is due Monday won’t show up as overdue until 8:00am has passed on that day.

Links are clickable in your assignment notes

Feature update

Properly formatted links that you include in the assignment notes section of an assignment are now automatically made clickable. We’ve rolled the change out to all our users; you don’t need to do anything for this change to take effect.

Make sure that your links are formatted properly, beginning with http:// or https://. We’ve also made mailto: email address links clickable for you.