Change when assignments become due

We’ve released an update that will allow you to choose what time your assignments become due. This feature is available to all users.

By default, Schooltraq will mark your assignments as due when the clock hits midnight in your timezone. Many users, however, choose to work late into the night or even into the morning the next day. If you’re a night owl, your assignments don’t have to suddenly become overdue when you’re in the middle of your work anymore.

You can change when your assignments become due by visiting the Options page when logged in and scrolling down to the time settings area. There, you can change your timezone and set when you want your assignments to become due.

If you set your assignments to become due “at 8:00am the day of”, for example, an assignment that is due Monday won’t show up as overdue until 8:00am has passed on that day.

Build client-side applications using the Schooltraq API

We’ve updated the Schooltraq API to now return cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) headers in all responses, successful or not. The change means that applications and websites running in your browser can now request information from the Schooltraq API.

If you’re a Schooltraq user, the change won’t affect you at all — it simply means that developers and those making applications and services using your Schooltraq account will be able to build more fully-featured applications that can run directly in your browser.

Learn more about the Schooltraq API, and how CORS headers affect client-side applications.

Links are clickable in your assignment notes

Feature update

Properly formatted links that you include in the assignment notes section of an assignment are now automatically made clickable. We’ve rolled the change out to all our users; you don’t need to do anything for this change to take effect.

Make sure that your links are formatted properly, beginning with http:// or https://. We’ve also made mailto: email address links clickable for you.